How To Get A Domain Name

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A website is a necessity for any business or anyone and a domain name is a key part of any website.

Choosing A Good Domain Name

A good domain is short, brandable while not being too generic. A .com domain is ideal as it is the most popular extension. Here is a checklist of things for a good domain:

  • Ideally, shorter than 10 characters
    • The shorter, the easier for people to remember.
  • Easy to remember
    • This includes not being too long as well as using weird spellings that people may not be able to remember.
  • All characters instead of using symbols or numbers
    • Having hyphens or numbers in your domain make the domain look unprofessional and make it harder for people to remember.
  • Try to anticipate future changes and allow for the domain to adapt
    • If you think your business might change locations, instead of picking a domain with a location name, try picking a domain with just your business name.

Finding A Domain Registrar

Domain registrars are the companies that will sell you the domain. Finding a domain registrar can be a hard process. Here are some popular choices:

NameCheap (Affiliate) (Affiliate)

Once you pick your domain registrar, go to their website and start the process of signing up for a domain. While the process varies by each domain registrar, the key parts should be similar. The process should consist of selecting a domain, saying how long you want the domain and saying where you want your domain to be hosted.

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