How to Import Folder Structured Training Images on Lobe

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Instead of manually labeling images for algorithm training, importing pre-structured images can make the task of labelling much easier. This guide will cover how to import a pre-structured folder training images on Lobe.

Lobe is a free, private app by Microsoft to train machine learning models without the need to learn a programming language.

  1. Open the project in Lobe and click on the Import button in the upper right corner.
    lobe folder import step 1
  2. Under Import, click on the Dataset option.
    lobe folder import step 2
  3. Click on the “Choose Dataset” button and select the folder in which the images are located.
    lobe folder import step 3
  4. Select whether to automatically label the images using the folder name, or label them manually.
    lobe folder import step 4
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