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SERPs or Search Engine Result Pages are the result pages of any search engine. SERPs usually consists of the sole main feature, the results, sometimes referred to as “hits”. However, not all results are equal. Within the results, there are usually two main specific types, organic results, and paid results.

Organic Results

Organic results make up the bulk of the page. These results are not influenced by any outside party and are usually organized based on a complex algorithm that looks at content, for multiple factors such as relevancy, trust, reputation, and end-user experience. Within these organic results, some search engines, have started including context results, such as results accompanied with maps, or information “cards”, like Google Knowledge Cards.

Paid Results

Paid results are commonly found at the very top and the very bottom of SERPs. They are usually decided based on who is the highest bidder. People who paid most for the ads will usually find their paid results at the very top, while people who did not pay as much may find their results at the bottom or on the next page.

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