MFi Certification

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MFi is a product certification program by Apple. Apple tests accessories through safety and compliance checks as well as the license to use the MFi label in return for a royalty fee. (The amount of which is a closely guarded secret) The MFi program supplies manufacturers with three main items, the hardware Lightning connector and components, the iPod accessory protocol specification and AirPlay support.

The MFi program also supplies manufacturers with the right connectors and components required to manufacture accessories for the devices. The MFi program not only grants access to hardware connectors and components but also testing tools, the right to use MFi labels, technical support from Apple and the iPod accessory protocol specification.

History of MFi

The program was originally meant to certify that third party manufacturers of Apple’s 30 pin connector would work safely with iPods. Now the program covers all kinds of accessories for iPhones, iPads, and iPods.

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