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iPadOS is an operating system developed and released by Apple to be used for the iPad line of Apple products. iPadOS is fundamentally based on iOS, which is based off Apple’s open-source Darwin operating system. Apple announced iPadOS as a fork (or derivation) of iOS at its annual Worldwide Developer Conference in 2019.

From the beginning, iPad has been built on the technical foundations of iOS. Over the years, iPad has evolved into something unique. We have some big changes coming to iPad this year and the time has come to recognize the platform in a special way.

– Craig Federighi (Senior Vice President of Software Engineering) at WWDC 2019

Apple announced the rebranding of the iPad version of iOS to “recognize the platform in a special way.” iPadOS has a placed more emphasis and focus on multitasking, as well as features tailored for large, touch screen devices,

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