How to Revoke An App-Specific Password for Apple ID

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App-specific passwords are a type of password that is issued for an Apple ID, meant for third-party apps to securely access iCloud and Apple ID information without the potential of compromising the entire account. App-specific passwords can be revoked at any time without having to change passwords on all apps. This guide will show how to revoke one specific app-specific passwords. Please refer to the following guides on how to generate app-specific passwords for Apple ID as well as how to revoke all app-specific passwords for Apple ID.

  1. Open the Apple ID account website at
    • delete one agp step 1
  2. In the Security section, click on the “Edit” button.
    • delete one agp step 2
  3. In the Security section, under App-Specific Passwords, click “View History”.
    • delete one agp step 3
  4. Select the “X” delete button located next to the app-specific password that you wish to revoke.
    • delete one agp step 4
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