How to Resubscribe to an App on iOS

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While enrolling in a subscription on iOS can be as easy as a tap of a finger, checking and managing subscriptions is not as easy. This guide will cover how to resubscribe from an subscription made in an app. Please refer to the respective articles on how to unsubscribe to an app on iOS and how to check subscriptions on iOS.

  1. Open the Settings app and click on your name.
    iphone resubscribe step 1
  2. On your Apple ID profile, click on the Subscriptions menu.
    iphone resubscribe step 2
  3. Select the subscription to re-subscribe to.
    iphone resubscribe step 3
  4. Select the payment plan from a list of options (if there are multiple) and confirm the payment information.
    iphone resubscribe step 4

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