How To Download and Run Malwarebytes

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Malwarebytes is a very popular free (with optional paid versions) anti-malware application and is renowned both by regular consumers and tech professionals alike for being the best at removing malicious files and programs. This guide will walk you through how to download and run a scan in Malwarebytes.

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Part 1: Downloading Malwarebytes

Follow the steps below to download Malwarebytes:

  1. Go to Malwarebytes’s official page by going to
  2. Click on the “Free Download” button
    1. If prompted to purchase Malwarebytes, decline and continue to step 3
  3. Save the file and launch the file by double-clicking on it. This will begin the installation process.
  4. Follow the displayed instructions until you see a screen that is the same or similar to the image below.
Credit: PCMag

Part 2: Running a Malwarebytes Scan

Once Malwarebytes is installed, you can now run a scan of your computer.

  1. Look under the Scanner menu and click the scan button.
  2. Click “Perform full scan”
  3. Once the scan is complete, if it detects a threat, it will quarantine the suspicious file and you can later choose to restore the file or delete it.

Note: Malwarebytes may sometimes detect legitimate programs as malware.

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